Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar Goes on Vacation?


My friend Betsy went to France and during her trip she read my book. She thoughtfully decided to leave it in the library of the boutique hotel she stayed at, knowing it would find its way to just the person who would benefit from reading its message.

What’s its message you ask? Its message is: kids in your life may be going through all kinds of struggles you don’t know about and they could really use some understanding and compassion. Its message is: don’t write off a kid, or think you know what’s inside of them, based on what might be happening in their family. Its message is: one seemingly small action on your part could change the trajectory of a child’s life forever. Its message is: be kind. There is a story you don’t know behind each person you meet. Its message is: kids are way more resilient than you think.

I like the idea of someone in France picking up Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar and finding a connection with a little girl doing her best to grow up under trying circumstances in upstate NY, U. S. of A.

I like it a lot.

I have this idea of following Betsy’s lead and asking you, if you are going on vacation, to leave a copy of Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar in the perfect place, for the perfect person to happen upon it. I like the idea of “Janie,” traveling the world.

If you’re in, I’ll send you a copy for free, (until I run out). I’d love it if you’d take a picture and send it to me, wherever the book lands.

Email me. Lifeorileyo @ gmail. com

Have a great vacation, and happy travels!

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12 Responses to Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar Goes on Vacation?

  1. naomi says:

    LOVE this idea! I’m taking my copy to Port Elgin, New Brunswick and leaving it in the tiny library.

  2. Wanda says:

    I’d love a copy to take to Hawaii later this summer!

  3. kario says:

    Oh, crap! I would have loved to leave one in Hawaii (I guess Wanda will do that for me), but my copy was digital. It sounds like an awesome idea – especially given that three of the books I’ve read while here have been appropriated from previous hotel patrons. Can’t wait to hear where Janie goes!

  4. Well, I’ve just started reading your book this morning in my dining room! I can’t imagine NOT finishing it before I go on vacation, so I’ll have to think of some creative place in Los Angeles to leave it. So far, just WOW.

  5. Lo says:

    I’m In BIG TIME!!!!!
    i’m going to some neat places this summer and fall!

    Oh and thank you so much for the great email. I am out of town for pleasure AND business but have a tidy email to send you when I am back and will include my addy:)

  6. Janet McSain says:

    Will leave mine in Colorado in October…. Thinking about sending it for you to sign..some little message..sort of a pay it forward idea….

  7. rhemashope says:

    As you listed the messages in your book all I could say is Amen, Amen. In fact, Janie has not only made me see kids today in a different light, she made me go back and see my own childhood friends and kids I went to school with in a different light. Because of you I have more compassion. Thank you again and again for sharing this story.

    A quote from a book I’m currently reading (by Shaffer and Barrows): “Perhaps there is some secret sort of homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers. How delightful if that were true.”

    My copy is on Kindle, so I’d LOVE a hardcopy to leave in a special place…

  8. Tanya Savko says:

    Yes! One of my beloved readers emailed me to say that she left a copy of Slip at her hotel in the Bahamas – our books definitely need to go on vacation! And I love what you listed for Daughter’s messages, especially “There is a story you don’t know behind each person you meet” – so very true, and a good reminder. Love.

  9. amber says:

    That is a cool idea.


  10. JL says:

    I lurk on your site…but love this idea, and would love a copy to leave somewhere – vacation in fall – not sure where the destination, but probably out west somewhere….

  11. Carrie Link says:

    I’m in! I have 2 copies, so I will “leave” one when I go to Central Oregon next week! GREAT idea!

  12. Oooooh, I want to leave one in DC!

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