40 Days

This is how it happens to me. I have an inkling. Some little voice, tapping at me. Do it. I try to talk myself out of it. A million reasons why it isn’t “the time.” Then I find myself on a mountain in Colorado taking a writing workshop for a week, no electricity, no phone. That was almost nine years ago and I have not stopped writing since.

So… I’ve been courting the idea of taking the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program at the yoga studio I attend. I know hardly anything about it. I think you’re supposed to cut out caffeine and sugar (shoot me now) and some other things. You are supposed to be more mindful. Yoga and meditation are involved. I bought the book a couple of months back. Skimmed it lightly. Set it down. It sat there on the night stand, under a pile of other books.

The thought would come to me, and I’d dismiss it. I could not justify the cost of the program, on top of the payment I am making for monthly unlimited yoga. (Back in November, I decided I was really ready to commit after taking yoga sporadically for years).

Then, last night, just a couple of hours before the 40 Days program was to start, I got an email, and it said, with monthly unlimited membership, the workshop is free.

Tap. Tap.

So there I was last night sitting in a group of roughly 30-40 people, about to begin my “personal revolution.”

This should be interesting.

9 thoughts on “40 Days

  1. Oh, look for my friend Mary Wilburn there…she is in teacher training and is quite an amazing yogini and a great person.

  2. Dear Michelle,
    I bet it will be interesting. Maybe even life changing. Who know? Whatever it is, I so hope you will share with us your responses to the possibilities presented by this program.


  3. I love that you pay attention to those taps.

    I can’t wait to hear about your insights.

    Love. (especially for the no-sugar part – oy!)

  4. Better you than me. Does that mean I get your extra sugar and caffeine? Love that it’s coinciding almost perfectly with Lent. No accidents. A time of transformation and going inward. Perfect.


  5. Just like Carrie said, “No accidents.”

    I always see something like that telling me, this is exactly where God wants me to be.