Lube, Sugar Water and Shrinkage

Yippee had a bit of a “problem” recently.

We don’t know how it happened, no one saw a thing, but suddenly, Yippee was very “out there” and it would not go back “in there.”

This is how I found myself, at the request of the vet, rubbing lubricating jelly on Yip’s junk last week.

It seemed to help. I’m nothing if not thorough.

And then, what do you know? The next day it was out again, and not going back in. This time the vet suggested more lubrication. And when that didn’t work, she suggested sugar water.

This is how I found myself dabbing Yip’s special area with a cotton ball loaded with sugar water, and what do you know? It really did go in a bit, but not all the way. And Google told me if it stayed out too long, there could be serious damage. Like necrotic tissue, and gangrenous infection, and death. And since Seth and Yip are brothers, that’s not really an option. Yip can’t die.

So on Friday, after the sugar water only proved partially effective, the vet told us to come in. So before we left, I took Yip out to pee, and as he stepped his little paws in the freezing cold snow, what do you know? Shrinkage.

Seinfeld: You know about shrinkage don’t you? 

Elaine: They shrink? I don’t know how guys walk around with those things.


We were told to “watch” him all weekend.

Yippee appears to be good as new.

I however, am still recovering.

Thank you for listening.

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12 Responses to Lube, Sugar Water and Shrinkage

  1. KFuller says:

    OMgolly?? A 4 hour erection????

  2. kario says:

    Oh, lord! My cousin’s chihuahua has the same problem. He stumbles around the room, stubbing his penis on the floor and looking really embarrassed until it finally goes back in on its own. Good thing, ‘cuz they live in Southern CA and there isn’t any snow.

    You are a real trouper, Michelle! Next time it’s HT’s job to get out the lube.

  3. Lydia says:

    Speechless. Close call. Glad all is well.

  4. Kathy Sullivan says:

    LOL OMG Michelle this is about the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Poor guy. How did Seth and Riley feel about this crisis?

  5. Kathi says:

    Scary but hysterical at the same time?!! Poor Yip looks a little embarrassed in those pics! Were you thinking, “THIS is my life?” ……

  6. Joy says:

    omg. Thats a new one for me. Poor dog. Poor you. I’d be scarred for life.

  7. And I thought I posted too much information! 🙂

  8. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle,
    I laughed out loud and I’m still grinning as I write this. I know this is no laughing matter, but all seems well now and so I can enjoy just sitting here and chuckling!


  9. Carrie Link says:

    There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for our children’s siblings, four-legged or otherwise! Happy that Seinfeld came to the rescue. It often does around here, too.

  10. Amanda says:

    That is one funny pet story!! Glad Yip is OK and fingers crossed he stays that way. Think you’ve earned a large glass of your chosen best beverage that’s for sure…

  11. Oh, my. Poor Yippee. He looks so embarrassed. Glad things are resolved. Rocket has been told in no uncertain terms that we will mot be having any of that around here.

  12. Michelle O'Neil says:


    I hear it is much more common in small dogs, so Rocket probably has nothing to worry about.

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