She Has Buckets of Empathy

Today was the first day of this season’s Girls on the Run. I had the lesson prepared, my flashcards at the ready and was enjoying leading the new group. Seth usually hangs out in the gym while we meet. Smack in the middle of our session he came running over to me, holding his mouth. He made it to the trash can where he proceeded to be sick. Repeatedly.

We needed to leave.

The other coach heroically stepped in and winged it, and offered to drop Riley off later.

As soon as Riley got home, she ran upstairs to check on her brother. Then, she brought a picture of his crush (Diana Agron from Glee) and taped it to his pillow to make him feel better.

This girl, is not without empathy. She has such a big heart.

Our little man may not be feeling so hot, but he sure is well loved.

P.S. Don’t Seth and Diana make a cute couple?

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12 Responses to She Has Buckets of Empathy

  1. HT says:

    I love all 3 of you very much. I am amazed at how much she loves her little brother and how much he loves her. It must be the amazing example their mother gives them. I hope the little man feels better soon.


  2. Kim says:

    Awww! She’s such a good big sister! Hope he feels better soon!

  3. Jenny R says:

    That is impressive that Seth made it to the trash can…not always an easy feat when sick. Hope he feels better soon!

  4. Melinda says:

    We must have all picked it up at co-op. A&H started puking here today and Amy says Adele has it too. I feel queasy but so far am ok. Hope you guys get well soon!

  5. naomi says:

    Such a lovely couple 🙂 and such a sweet big sis!
    Elderberry syrup really seems to help us with kicking the flu. If I’ve already mentioned that 4 times please forgive me…

  6. Wanda says:

    Cute couple.

  7. Chris Vartorella says:

    amazing… so sweet of Miss Riley…. hope he feels better soon…

  8. mom says:

    I second HT. Hope everyone feels better soon and you, Todd and Riley don’t pass it around. Love and hugs

  9. Niksmom says:

    Aww, this makes my eyes leak a bit. Poor Seth; I hope he feels better soon. And, sweet Riley! What a loving sister. HT is right; I think they get it from their mother (and father, HT!). So much love in your home. *swoon*

  10. kario says:

    Poor dear! Love that Riley stayed for practice and let someone else drop her off later, too!

  11. Carrie Link says:

    Ditto HT (and NECBM of his comment, btw).

  12. Courtney says:

    I think emotional generosity is the secret to a happy life — go Riley! (And feel better, Seth.)

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