New Photo Booth Header

You may have noticed my new header. Pictures of us, mugging for the camera on my new computer.

We were just playing. We’d never used the “photo booth” function before. Headers were not on my mind when we took them.

In looking for a new picture, I couldn’t find any that were panoramic. Nothing seemed right. Then I noticed these few.

Could I really be that exposed? I mean…no make up? Possibly not even a shower that day? And the lighting? It ain’t so good.

But to me, this is what writing is about. Honesty.

This isn’t the blog of someone who is trying to portray herself as something she’s not. Here, you get the good, the bad and the ugly.

No polishing and showing you only what makes me shine.

It ain’t a public relations site.

So…for now, I’m keeping these shots as my header. They show the joy of this family. They show someone who is trying not to take herself so darn seriously. I think there is beauty in that.

Added bonus…any other photos I post of myself will by comparison seem quite glamorous.

Lovingly yours,


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12 Responses to New Photo Booth Header

  1. Lydia says:

    At least for me, I don’t even remotely notice things like no make up. I can’t tell if my mom has it on or not, so I’m quite certain that I wouldn’t know for you either. I like people how they REALLY look, and I don’t think they look any “better” with make up or whatever. So, you have my vote. I love the new pics.

  2. *m* says:

    Love the new header. And I note that we’re seeing quite a lot of that hat — Seth’s new trademark? It’s a good look for him. You are one cute clan!

  3. Michelle O'Neil says:

    Thanks *M*!

    Seth got the hat over the summer while visiting his grandparents in upstate NY. He has only taken it off to sleep since. It seriously gets put on before he leaves his bed in the morning. It makes him feel like Indiana Jones, and Michael Jackson combined. Plus the love of his grandparents and cousins is infused in it. Plus, he gets compliments wherever he goes. It is a great conversation piece.

  4. Courtney says:

    LOVE the photos! You look like a teenager … a teenager with REALLY good skin. And that happy family is something every single one of your readers wants to be part of. xo

  5. juhi says:

    love the joy & the playfullness of your pictures. 🙂

  6. Wanda says:

    I noticed it. I love it. I almost never wear make-up.

  7. Jenny R says:

    Too funny. The photo I use on the home page of my website was randomly taken by a friend one day. I hadn’t showered and didn’t have on a spec of makeup. But she caught me in a moment when I was simply being me. I can’t replicate that energy in any of the shots I’ve tried since. They all feel too forced. So the “honest” shot it is. Love thinking of it that way!

  8. Kim says:

    You are beautiful!!!!! Love the photos!

  9. Kristen says:

    I like them 🙂

  10. amber says:

    “They show the joy of this family. They show someone who is trying not to take herself so darn seriously. I think there is beauty in that.”—

    Yes. Much.


  11. rhemashope says:

    i love the header! i love your family, honest and beautiful.

  12. Carrie Link says:

    And I know a great Photoshop wizard, should the desire arise. I think you look gorgeous, and SO much like Riley (or she like you) that it is almost freaking me out!

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