Asperger’s on Arthur

I recently joined a Yahoo group  for Moms of Asperger Girls. One of the mothers who posts is a blogger named Misty and I just saw this video on her website. I don’t know when it came out? Somehow it slipped past my radar.

Of course I looked it up to view the whole episode, and I am sitting here teary, in a heap of tissues. I don’t know. It just really touches me someone cared enough to research, and write this episode and others cared enough to put it together. It is sometimes easy to believe the world at large doesn’t give a damn about our kids. Disrespectful pediatricians, insurance companies that won’t cover anything, school districts that don’t get it, the list goes on and on.   

For people to go out of their way to teach other children about kids with Asperger’s and what they go through. Well, it’s just…hand me another tissue please.   

I am filled with appreciation.

To see the full episode click here.

Thank you Misty.

Thank you PBS.

9 thoughts on “Asperger’s on Arthur

  1. We are watching this after school today.

    It always fills me with appreciation too…and then I pause and think about how messed up it is that kids with differences are so underrepresented.

    Then I go back to grateful to people who get it.

    And grateful for people who share the people who get it. xo

  2. I heard last night that one of the kids on the new show Parenthood has Asperger’s. I haven’t seen it, and it would take me a while to tell you what network, time, etc, but I’m sure your smart fellow blog followers will know.

  3. I share that frustration and can’t put a number on how many times my husband and I went to battle for health situations.

    we can’t give in or give up!

    YAY to the amazing people behind educating the world on this subject. YAY to you…a very strong tenacious momma!!!

  4. I love Aurther. My kids are a little old for it now, but they both liked it. They often do shows about important things, and it is wonderful.

    oxox 🙂

  5. Hand me a tissue, too!

    Although “Parenthood” isn’t doing a great job of representing Asperger’s, they’re trying! I appreciate that there is ANY plot line on ANY major TV station during prime time that attempts to do this!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. My dh just watched it with me – it is a good start for awareness.