Girls On the Run Teaches Assertive Communication


Yesterday at Girls on the Run the lesson was about being assertive. We practiced using language to get our message across if someone is bothering us. Careful language, no blaming. No “you always…!” Or “you never!” No yelling. No ignoring ’til you lose your cool and explode. This is the template:    

I feel…

When you…


I would like for you to…

Every girl had several chances to practice out loud in the group, situations they deal with in real life, using the assertive lingo.

The following is one of Riley’s. I found it especially funny because she never qualified who she was referring to in the exercise. 

I feel annoyed

When you pretend I’m a horse

Because it’s painful

I would like for you to get off me

Later at home, she repeated the exercise with Seth, who duly noted her assertions.

8 thoughts on “Girls On the Run Teaches Assertive Communication

  1. *chuckle*

    Happy to know she wasn’t just repeating something she has heard her dad say to her mom.


  2. Girls on the run is a really great idea. I like this. If we lived a few thousand miles closer, my girls would be signing (signed!)up

  3. God, if I just had a few more hours in my week, I would so be signing Eve up for this program! But since I’m already a Mom-on-the-Run I don’t think it would be wise.

    I’m so pleased that this program has become such a great one for Riley and I love that you advertise it so well.

  4. BTW, I think that Riley’s response should be typed up in poem form and posted on her bedroom wall. What a great piece of writing!