Judith and Joy

This is Judith. judith

 This is Joy.


Joy is from Memphis, Judith lives in Connecticut.

They both are happily married to wonderful men, who respect their interest in the teachings of Abraham, but aren’t passionately immersed in it themselves. Therefore, they like to travel solo to Abraham-Hicks functions. That’s how they met a few years back. They are close friends now, sometimes meeting up, sometimes traveling alone. When one is traveling without the other, the one who stayed home sends a bottle of champagne to the room to greet their friend upon arrival. Aren’t they gorgeous!

Lucky for me, I got to sit at their table a couple of times during my recent cruise. 

One night, the waiters put on a song and dance routine as they served us, and gave us all chef’s hats to wear.   

joy 2

No one had more fun than Judith.

judith 2

 Except maybe Joy.

joy 3

Despite the napkin swinging depicted above, Judith has a very gentle way about her. She’s soft spoken and elegant. She adores her grandchildren and while you are chatting away about seemingly nothing, she says something so profound you’ll think about it for a long time afterward. I love a teacher who doesn’t feel the need to hit you over the head with their wisdom, don’t you? She just goes about the business of changing people’s lives quietly. That’s her. 

Here she is with Eric, another guest at our table. Eric had a wonderful accent, but I never found out where he was from.  judith 3

Here is Joy with a fab woman named Gen. I think this picture is darling. Joy is a former opera singer who still treats her church congregation to Oh Holy Night on Christmas Eve. Gen is another kind of singer. Stay tuned,you’ll learn more about her in the days ahead, pinky swear. 


Judith and Joy.


When I grow up, I want to be just like them.

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7 Responses to Judith and Joy

  1. Bonnie says:

    What a nice story!

  2. Sally says:

    My friend and I always muse about golfing when we are old with tasseled head covers driving to the course in an old big cadillac.

    I am especially into the earrings they are sporting. Oh how fun.

  3. They both look lovely. Thanks for sharing about all of these amazing people you met on your trip!

  4. Amanda says:

    That guy in the striped top looks so much like a bloke I used to work with it’s freaky! Looks like you surrounded yourself with great company

  5. kario says:

    Oh, to have friends like that when we’re older! I’m aspiring to that. I’m so pleased you got to spend time with them – what a hoot.

  6. amber says:

    Hey!! That could be US in thrity years. Wanna??!


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