Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat, Part Three

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Abraham emphasized this business of life, of allowing the Source within me to flow through and not be pinched off, this work, is my work. It’s about me. Not Riley.

My work is to focus on my own alignment with God, not to change my daughter.

They said, having this child, whom I love with everything I have, might seem like a really big reason to do the work, but if I do it for her, it will put too much pressure on both of us, and will muck it up.

My work, not hers.

My work, not hers.

My work.

My work.

My work.

So when I fall, I tell her I fell, and show her how I got back up.

When I get it wrong, I move incrementally in the right direction. And if I can’t just yet, I tell her I can’t just yet, but I know I will.

I don’t have to be perfect, because I am eternally expanding. I’m alive, and that means I’m a work in progress. Never done. I can be easier on myself. I can stop being so damn serious about it all. I can let go.

“Lead by example,” Abraham said,

“and do no teaching of your daughter or anyone else, unless you are lined up with Source.”

This was the first day of the cruise, and everything went without a hitch. We’d never left the kids in any type of childcare before, but they did fantastically well. Riley had fun! Todd and I were able to have a couple of fancy dinners alone. The guy in charge of childcare (unbeknownst to us upon booking) taught kids with autism during the school year, and worked for the cruise line during the summers. He “got” Riley, and his energy informed all the other childcare workers and everything went well. It was our first real family vacation, we’d never dared travel before, and it was perfect, start to finish. The time of our lives! We saw whales, and sea otters, and eagles, and ice bergs. We watched our daughter’s arms go wild in awe of the “Broadway” show on board the ship. We saw  breathtaking fireworks in British Columbia. We took in joy, the likes of which we’d never experienced together as a family.

May I remember all I learned.

11 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat, Part Three

  1. Not sure I’ve ever heard better advice than “Do no teaching…unless you are lined up with Source.”

    Thank you for this.

  2. Wonderful! The teaching…the family vacation…the upcoming adventure. Looking forward to the next installments.

  3. The thought of Bear on a boat has me breaking a cold sweat, let alone leaving her in day care. Thrilled you were all able to have such a great time – Abraham stuff still making sense to me.

  4. Sleeping when your body says sleep. What a concept! You will, will, will have an amazing experience! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. WOW! Oh, I am SOOOO happy for you. It SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN. I wish I could go with you so much. I hope it fills you up to over flowing.



  6. Hey its great to know about the cruise.I have never experienced the cruise but I really like to experience it.These photographs shows that you had so much fun there.Its a nice post.