Busy Little Elves


We baked yesterday. I’d offer you some cookies, but you’d have to sign a disclaimer first. You’d have to not mind how the knife used for frosting was licked in between each cookie. You’d have to be cool that someone who wiped their nose on the back of their hand, also rolled the dough.

But enough about me.

The kids had a riot. By 9PM (they are usually in bed by 8:00) I thought maybe I should feed them some dinner. Some real food. I prepared a simple meal, and when I went to put Annie’s Goddess Dressing on Riley’s spinach, I unscrewed the lid, and the contents of the bottle spurt forth, all over the trays of the meticulously decorated cookies on the kitchen table. I could not believe it. Never before had Annie’s exploded. Why now? Why Annie? Had we offended the Goddess in some way? So many cookies had to be tossed. That dressing really flew. I thought I’d thouroughly cleaned up, but this morning I found splatters of it on the wall, on the water cooler, and on the floor. Who knows where else I’ll find it. IMG_0523

Luckily we were able to salvage many cookies.  The cuts outs are Christmas shapes but the decorations are a bit unconventional since they are all organic/non-GMO (can’t vouch for the marshmallows or the Sun Drops, so Seth isn’t eating those).  


Here is Seth, making some wrapping paper for the gift he gave to his teacher. I was in a bind, and did not have time to run out to the store for gift wrap. He rose to the occassion. I can always count on my boy. He specializes in skinny legged Santas.  


He is literally bouncing off the walls, and climbing up them, happily anticipating Christmas. Riley too.

The air is filled with joy. Christmas carols play. Our kids are young and innocent.

These are the good old days.

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11 Responses to Busy Little Elves

  1. What a terrible mishap! My kids would’ve been yelling at me! Well, the salvaged cookies look very good.

  2. amber says:

    Oh, they ARE the good old days! Love it. And I would allllmost eat those cookies.


  3. What a cookie extravaganza! Too bad about the dressing – odd, also. Glad to hear that plenty of the cookies survived! (Love Seth’s Santa, btw!)

  4. Betty says:

    Those cookies look really good. I’d been tempted to try one with the dressing on it. Who knows, it could be a great culinary discovery.

  5. jess wilson says:

    i’m with betty. what if mr reese threw out those chocolate bars that sprayed in the peanut butter incident?

  6. Amanda says:

    Happy Christmas!!! We’re snowed in and cosy. Have a great time and don’t forget Jingle’s parcel…

  7. pixiemama says:

    Why, Annie? WHY?

    Mama, Seth is getting BIG. And what an artist! I’ll pass on the cookies, though. Trying to watch the waist (grow) and all.


  8. Jess says:

    Super sweet times! Sorry about the spill, but that dressing is so good, isn’t it? Have a sweet sweet holiday!

  9. Jerri says:

    These are, indeed, the good old days. I’d bet my left little toe that some day, the kids will tell the story of the Annie’s salad dressing wrecking all the cookies and laugh as though it were the funniest thing that ever happened.

    Our biggest disasters are now the kids’ favorite stories.

    May it be so for you, too.

  10. Carrie Link says:

    Yes indeed!

    But WTF got into Annie?

  11. drama mama says:

    Damn, Annie!

    What a joyous post. Have a great week.

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