1000 Faces

Back in July 2010 I posted a video here titled The Beauty of Different. The video was put out to promote Karen Walrond’s book of the same title.

Walrond is an award winning photographer and I enjoy her Chookooloonks website so much I put one of her “You Are Beautiful” buttons up on my sidebar. I love it!

One of my favorite things on her site in the 1000 Faces Project. She takes the most amazing portraits and somehow…every one of them is beautiful. These are real people, not airbrushed supermodels. And yet. And because of that, they are so very gorgeous.

Looking through the faces, I wondered…how does she do it? How does she capture the beauty, really pull it out…in each person? And then it hit me. She loves them. What we are seeing in the photos is love reflected back to her.

Looking at the faces makes me feel so connected to the beauty in everyone. It makes me look at people differently.

Look out at the world with love and get it back. So simple.

So powerful.

I heart my readers

A little light reading at bed time.

Walking in to tuck Riley in for the night, I got a little verklempt at this sight. I mean, the kindness of the readers of this blog!

*M* is mom to a child with Asperger’s, and she’s a librarian, and she shipped us a box of wonderful books to help with our homeschooling adventure. Riley reads the thesaurus she sent, for pleasure.

Back when Riley was hating her name, certain it was only for boys, *M* sent little charms. One for Riley, one for Seth, each had their name on it, and a little stick figure type character. The Riley charm was most definitely a girl because the character had a dress on. This sweet woman bought the charms and took the trouble to mail them to me, in an effort to help Riley believe her name is feminine and beautiful. I can’t seem to photograph them correctly because they are metal and all I get is glare, but trust me they are adorable.

Another reader and Asperger’s mom who has become a dear friend (and confidant) sent me a beautiful piece of her own artwork, a drawing of a mother and child.

These aren’t the only gifts that have been sent our way. There have been others, and I appreciate every one of them. And my God! The donations for the dog. I will never ever forget the generosity of my blog readers.

And the sweet e-mails. There have been a few that have really touched my heart. I mean really touched my heart.

And the comments. So supportive and loving and kind.

And the fact that anyone reads this blog at all? That people are rooting for us. It blows my mind.

Readers? I adore and appreciate you.

Thank you so much for the joy you add to my life.

Lovingly yours,