Puppies for Trump?

Yesterday, I barged into the teen girl’s room, pried the phone from her hands, set it aside and snuggled her. I told her she is an angel here on earth, and that God loves her and that she is doing just fine. Soon the dogs piled on and it was a mommy/daughter/canine heap love fest. She said, “This is what everyone who is sad needs. A mom to say nice things to them, and puppies.” I asked if she was sad, and she said no, not today. After lots of belly rubs and behind the ear scratches and many a “Who’s a good girl?/Who’s a chubby Chihuahua,?” there was a long pause, and she said,

“I wonder what would happen if we swarmed Donald Trump with puppies?”


Surprising Uber riders with puppies. 

* Surprising drunk young women with puppies.

* Surprising a little girl with a puppy for Christmas.

Christmas puppy surprise compilation.


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