The Secret to a Long Life

My grandmother used to say she’d earned every wrinkle. Coming across this video I am reminded of her. Watching it feels like a meditation, and a celebration of every wrinkle, every age spot, every memory stored in the body, every sorrow and every joy.

Life. Movement. Breath.

My friend Maia from julia warr on Vimeo.

“Simplicity. Work. Enjoyment.”


4 thoughts on “The Secret to a Long Life

  1. I actually sit and watched that and it was a good reminder of how I never take enough time to just SIT, for starters, and also to stretch. My husband’s grandmother is 92 and so sharp and agile and still living a full life. She has always walked every single day and eaten small portions. I wish I could pretend those things (and the stretching) didn’t matter, but we know that it does.