# 1 tip for photographing rental units, get out of the shot.

Nice garage, but I don’t want to rent the place if that guy is going to be hanging around.

We are going to be renting soon, and I am looking at apartments and rental homes through a realtor and also seeing what I can find on Craigslist. What I’m finding are a lot of men in the shots.

Dude, seriously?

It goes on and on and honestly, it ain’t selling the places. It’s kind of creepy. They look like ghosts.

Someone’s in the microwave…

Et tu Fido?


We found the perfect house to rent the other day, and we were about two hours too late. Our only hope is that the first applicant’s credit is lousy. And of course I would never wish that on anyone, right? Sigh.

The search continues.

7 thoughts on “# 1 tip for photographing rental units, get out of the shot.

  1. I don’t know why, but this made me laugh — that first photo is creepy, though. The guy looks like someone from the 1950s — some horrifying creepy conservative dude with a bad past. Maybe you can create a little world for each of those characters. If you don’t, I might.

  2. Dear Michelle, what came to mind as I read your posting on strange men by each rental is that theme song from “The Twilight Zone”!!!!! Peace.

  3. Ewwww. I know the perfect place will reveal itself to you. I can’t wait. I miss you and everything about you. I can’t wait for you to be in Florida and all settled and blogging again just for me.

  4. Hi I just randomly typed in to the google search bar “why do I love myself so much”? I was a bit bored and that’s the only question I could come up with. So that’s the great introduction to your website! Glad to meet you (so to speak). This post is hilarious!