Chewy’s Revenge

Before Seth had Yippee, there was Chewy. Chewy is the Webkin stuffed Chihuahua he carried around and slept with and placed all his wishing-hoping-longing dreams of having a Chihuahua on for years.

Chewy got seriously kicked to the curb (or the bottom of the stuffed animal bin) as soon as Yippee arrived. It was for his own protection, because puppies chew. Yip is now two years old, and for for some reason Chewy has resurfaced this week. Chewy has been “talking” to Yippee through Seth’s voice. It’s not annoying in the least.

Anyway, yesterday..Seth begged me to take a picture of Yippee and Chewy together. My camera was within reach and since I didn’t have to go downstairs to get it, I agreed. I went in, barely looked, snapped the photo. Seth was happy. The end.

It wasn’t until today that I actually looked at the picture.


Is it just me, or…? Never mind. Talk amongst yourselves.

I’m going to quietly tip-toe out of this post.

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8 Responses to Chewy’s Revenge

  1. Jeanne says:


  2. Melinda says:

    HAHHAHHAHHAHA. I’m dying over here. 🙂 Poor Yippee.

  3. Amber says:



  4. KFuller says:

    Just establishing the pecking order.

  5. kario says:

    I don’t think I’d show that to Yippee. Or else Chewy might need to hide at the bottom of the bin again for a bit…

  6. joy says:

    not just you….

  7. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle, ahh, juxtaposition. Peace.

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