Hammock Weather

The weather today is perfect. If I were going to be all, “God…I’d like to order the perfect weather, and this is what I want,” it’d be today. Sunny. Breezy. 80 degrees. It’s the kind of weather that wouldn’t cause you to break a sweat unless you are doing physical labor. Blue sky with puffy white clouds floating slow. It’s reading weather. Reading in a hammock. Then falling asleep. And when you wake up you read a little more. Then maybe have a snack, and then read again. The sound is the occasional rustle of leaves when the breeze hits the trees just right. That and the neighbor’s koi pond. 

I’ve spent most of today cleaning and cooking. Changing bedding. Went to the Farmer’s Market this morning for produce and eggs and meat, and went to Target where I splurged on new sheets. And of course you have to wash them. And what’s the point of putting new sheets on the bed, if you have have not cleaned under the bed? So I vacuumed under the beds, and dusted the dressers too. Because what’s the point of vacuuming if you havn’t dusted first? But I did sneak out to the deck with my Kindle for a break.

I’m reading Ernest Hemingway on Writing. It’s bits and pieces he said on the subject of writing,  in letters and interviews, all compiled into a book.

One thing he said was, “Remember to get the weather in your god damned book.”

That’s why I thought to mention it.

I’ve got to get me a hammock.

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5 Responses to Hammock Weather

  1. amber says:

    I like when he said, “Write drunk, edit sober.”


  2. I’m not a very big Hemingway fan despite having read nearly everything that he ever wrote, but that’s the first time I’ve heard that quote, and I LOVE it.

  3. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle, I’m not much of a Hemingway fan either, but that sounds like good advice, along with the quote that Amber gave in her comment. This becoming a writer is no easy task. The craft takes constant practice. I’m finished seventeen drafts of a novel and I’m saying now that what I”m doing is the final polish. Oh, I hope so, but still I feel as if the elements of good writing elude me. I guess if good writing were easy, I wouldn’t value it so much. Peace.

  4. Carrie Link says:

    I like the way you think. I went all ape &^*# like that in my meditation area recently. It’s the if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie phenomenon.

  5. kario says:

    You do need a hammock. It is a sublime pleasure on a sunny day – especially if you can find some shade.

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