Library Love

The library is one of my favorite places and always has been, as a child, and as an adult. No matter where I’ve lived. It’s been a place of respite. It was where I hung out in college, reading while waiting for my boyfriend to meet me behind the stacks. It’s where I would go to study and then get distracted by all the other things to read which I found far more interesting than my assignments.

I’ve been reading to my babies since before they were born and both kids have spent many, many hours at the library. We’ve rarely gone a week without a visit. I’ve never forced them to read. No timer setting to make sure they get it in. I learned early with Riley that being coy was the way. While at the library, they’d play with puppets and I would fill up my big bag with books I thought might be of interest to them. Then, when we’d get home, I’d set that huge pile of books on the living room floor and walk away, acting like I couldn’t care less if they read them or if they didn’t.  It worked like a charm.

Our library system here in Cleveland is so good! You can get your hands on anything you want. If they don’t have it, they get it. We live just a friendly little mile from our library, and we love, love, love it.

Riley recently, in an effort to break my heart,(not really, she’s not manipulative) informed me she’s not really a reader. “I’m not a chapter book girl,” is what she said.

I’m not buying it.

She’s into graphic novels these days. That counts. She also can’t get enough of the Smart Girl’s Guide to……. (pick a subject) kind of books.

She’s a reader damn it.

Anyway…it’s National Library Week. Shout out to *M*elissa and all the other awesome, helpful, friendly, smart librarians who make our lives easier and keep our libraries functioning.

You are a blessing to your communities.

Thanks to The Daily Good  for alerting me to the fact that it was National Library Week. You might want to sign up for their newsletter. It’s, well, “good.”

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9 Responses to Library Love

  1. *m* says:

    Awwww…Thank you, dearie! xoxo

    Maybe you and your readers (of COURSE they are) will enjoy this nifty book-a-day site:

    It is also National Poetry Month, so here’s one I’ve always loved:

    Books to the ceiling,
    Books to the sky,
    My pile of books is a mile high.
    How I love them! How I need them!
    I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them.

    –Arnold Lobel

  2. Chris V. says:

    Love it!!! Was just at my library today!!! Great post!

  3. Carrie Link says:

    I heart libraries, too. Love that Riley isn’t really a chapter book kinda gal. : )

  4. She is too Carrie. Mark my words.

  5. kario says:

    Libraries have proven a sacred, safe place for so many people. I love our library, too.

  6. jancsnow says:

    I list the library as my second home, kind of like Mitt and his beach house.

  7. Anne says:

    I love libraries too. I visit libraries where ever I go.

    Here’s my classic library story:

    When I was an engineer back in the 80’s, I was on my way home from a business trip when my alternator failed and I broke down in Ohio. This was the 80’s and I had a Toyota which means….no place to fix it and I’m all by myself. It turns out, there was a mechanic who traveled around with a truck full of tools and fixed cars. (Really, I couldn’t make this stuff up.) But since there were no Toyota parts available, he had to rebuild my alternator. So he told me that it would take some time. He asked me if he could drop me off some place to wait. The first words out of my mouth? Is there a library around here? There was a beautiful little library in a cute little downtown and I happily the time there.

  8. Leah says:

    Wanna know what’s funny? I’m reading this post while at the library.

  9. Juhi says:

    ha! i’ve been a subscriber of daily good for years now! and of course to your blog too! good to see the two meet!


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