Helping David and Freia

What do you do when you are a little girl, and you are out on a beautiful hike with your parents on Christmas day and suddenly your mom, dad, and dog slip on ice, and fall fifty feet into a ravine? The mom in the family is Riley and Seth’s yoga teacher from camp.

The family is recovering but they are in need of help.

I say, we prove to this child that good things always follow bad, the sun always comes up. People care, and Love will always show up to help.

Read more about this family here, and consider making a donation. Every little bit will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Thank you Love.

Donations can be made through PayPal┬áby making a payment to (will show as Daryl Eady, Freia’s mom).

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  1. Done! The power of the Internet is amazing – thank you for posting this. Sending love and light to the whole family.

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