Outcome Uncertain

There are so many juicy things to worry about. I’ve got kids with health and learning challenges. I’ve got friends who are grieving. I’ve got friends who have cancer. I’ve got family with issues. I’ve got my own issues. I’ve got my book to promote. I’ve got more to write. I’m re-taking my nursing boards in the near future. I’ve got an ankle problem. I’ve got a messy house. I’ve got too much responsibility and not enough time.

A couple of years back, my New Year’s resolution was to quit blaming my children for not doing the things I wanted to do in life. I have done quite well with it.

My resolution this year is to make peace with uncertainty. I mean, what if I could even love it?

What if instead of worrying, I had a blast, visualizing best case scenarios!

Seth, inspired by his bout of tics as a child becomes a brilliant healer and helps hundreds of thousands of children!

Riley, because she wasn’t forced to conform to traditional schooling has a lucrative career doing something completely unconventional and just loves her life.

My ankle has been repaired and I am now bionic, and can run many many miles, no problem.

Cancer? Ancient history. No one gets cancer anymore.

Family? Healed. 100%.

Loved ones grieving? Peace envelops them like a warm blanket.

My book/my writing? Thy Will Be Done. Thy can do a better job than I figuring it all out.

Nursing? The perfect niche presents itself and I can give a really good part of me to any patients I see.

Messy house? Alice from the Brady Bunch lives with us. She has her own suite.

Every desire we have, is because we believe we’ll feel better if we get what we’re wanting.

To feel good, even though outcomes are uncertain is possible. Writing that list just now, felt light. It felt buoyant. 

If all those things happened in the future I’d be happy, but just writing it made me happy now. And it took about sixty seconds to rattle them off.

Pollyanna? Good. Whatever. It beats sinking into a pit of despair (ask me how I know).

With uncertain outcomes, the possibilities are endless. The possibilities might be better than I currently have the ability to imagine.  

Happy New Year everyone.

Open-endedly yours,


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6 Responses to Outcome Uncertain

  1. Wanda says:

    So be it. Here’s to the best 2012 that we can imagine…and even better.

  2. mom says:

    I see that you have taken the deep breath and perservered yet again. Love you!!!

  3. Leah says:

    I like it! We’d probably all be healthier and happier if we adopt that attitude!

  4. Carrie Link says:

    Super great goal. Especially love the “Thy will be done” one when it comes to writing. That’s mine, or one of them, too. Actually, mine is “Let it be,” sticking with the Mary theme, but, you know.

    Took Rojo to his favorite yogurt spot and they were lining up everyone’s resolutions along the yogurt wall, you got 10% off if you did it. I saw one that said, “Be kind to myself.” Thought that was brilliant.

  5. kario says:

    Uncertainty is difficult to make friends with. I wish you well. Your courage astounds me.

  6. amber says:



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