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We’re All One

At church today we were reminded to remember Who We Are. It is important to remember, because when we forget, we easily fall into attack mode. Only those feeling the pain of a perceived disconnection with Source would ever attack. Physical assault, unkind words, judgements, our … Continue reading

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By the time I finish this post I will have decided to take the kids out of Tae Kwon Do

Every week, we take the kids to Tae Kwon Do. The teacher is wonderful. She is amazing. She has a knack for working with kids with all different kinds of issues. She is a school psychologist. She cares about these … Continue reading

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Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat, Part Three

Part I Part II Abraham emphasized this business of life, of allowing the Source within me to flow through and not be pinched off, this work, is my work. It’s about me. Not Riley. My work is to focus on my own alignment with God, not to change my daughter. … Continue reading

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The Best Save the Date Announcement Ev-ah!

I saw this on the Luscious Verde blog and thought it too funny not to share.

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“Wait! Wait! Wait!” she cried. Riley got upset at her cello lesson. The well meaning teacher reminded her no one does it perfectly. Everyone is learning. “You don’t need to get so upset over it,” she said, encouragingly. Riley stopped and … Continue reading

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Buteyko Breathing

“Breathe from the belly,” I’ve heard in yoga classes over the years. I take one or two deep breaths, fill up my belly and let it out, feeling like that was a lot of effort. I don’t know what you … Continue reading

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