Oh Dear

This weekend, the kids sat around watching old videos of themselves. They found the plastic bin full of home movies while digging through the closet looking for something else. Riley and Seth demanded to see the tapes, most of which they had never seen before.

Today our 14 year old baby-sitter watched the kids while I went to chorus. Before I left, Riley and Seth asked if they could watch more home videos.

“Sure!” I replied on my way out. Whatever makes them happy, I thought. Whatever makes it easier for the sitter.

Four hours later I returned home and they were still in front of the TV watching themselves. Our poor baby-sitter. She endured everything. The moments after Riley’s birth. Seth’s first steps. Riley’s first baby cereal, good times. Good, good times.

I paid her extra and sent her on her way.

And then I remembered.


Naked HT in the bathtub???! 

It’s not like that. You see, Riley was a baby, and he had her in the tub; bubbles and baby were strategically placed, but still, naked neighbor in the tub is not what any 14 year old wants or needs to see. At the time my shy HT was none too pleased with me for taking the video, and so now, he would be mortified. I totally forgot about that little segment. Jingle and I cringed at the thought.

I took Riley by the shoulders, “Did you happen to come across a video today of you and Daddy in the tub when you were just a couple of months old? Did you? Did you? Did yoooooooooou!” 

“Uh, no,” she said.

Apparently they didn’t get to all of them.   

Jingle and I will rest easy tonight.

And we won’t tell HT a thing.

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7 Responses to Oh Dear

  1. drama mama says:

    How sweet that they were so into it.

    I wonder what Riley thought/saw. Miss M is FASCINATED by the “old” iterations of herself.

  2. Carrie Link says:

    You’re so brave. We have the same plastic tub and it remains untouched after all these years – can’t go there. Yet.

  3. Amanda says:

    Our home movies were out there for all to see on our children in need segment…..the good simple old days.

  4. Jenny R says:

    Jingle does a nice “cringe”

  5. My boys love to watch old movies of themselves too! Cute Jingle cringe!

  6. kyra says:

    oh my goodness! that was a close call. when i think of our sitter seeing the things on our videos from fluffy’s younger days, the giant boobies on display, the cavorting, etc., etc., i tell you, i cringe as well!!

  7. amber says:



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