A Sports Hater’s Take on Tiger Woods

Okay, hate is a strong word. Ambivalence is more like it, unless I’m forced to listen to sports radio for more than two minutes, which ratchets it back up to hate. Sorry!

In an unprecedented move in the history of Full Soul Ahead! I’m linking to a column by a sports guy.  Don’t fall off your chair HT, I accidentally read it and agreed with what he said.

I don’t give a rip about Tiger’s personal life.

I do think his troubles point out you can have the world materially speaking and not have anything.

I do feel a sense of – if men feel the need to cheat on supermodels, what hope is there for the rest of us? 

I don’t think his problems have anything to do with my life. They are none of my business.

I do think the mainstream media is pathetic. 

I do feel a sense of compassion for the two year old in the video above.

Good for him for not talking.

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12 Responses to A Sports Hater’s Take on Tiger Woods

  1. *m* says:

    Agree with you on all counts, and the sports columnist makes excellent points.

    In this internet age, I feel sorry for his kids, who will no doubt read all about this someday.

    How do these famous guys not understand that behavior like this will always come out?

    Ick, all around.

  2. Amanda says:

    I haven’t read or heard any more than what I first saw on the BBC news – Tiger Woods has crashed his car, has facial injuries and won’t have any charges against him – and I have no desire to. He stacked his car. Big deal, why should I need to know this? So long as he’s prosecuted appropriately, why is this of public interest? It’s like one day not long ago two of the top news stories were about who had left which reality TV show. Meanwhile, in the real world, people are dying in wars I’m not entirely sure should be being fought. Ick all round in deed.

  3. Jerri says:

    From the time he was a small child, Tiger was paraded and praised for his ability to hit a little white ball. Other people’s careers were built on his ability to hit that ball and to portray an image.

    The people whose careers depend on his treat him as though he can do no wrong.

    And then we’re surprised he’s not perfect?

    I’m with you–it’s sad. And the “not even satisfied with supermodels” thing is depressing. And the whole episode is proof positive (as if we needed it) that more money does not equal more peace.

  4. pixiemama says:

    The whole thing makes me sad. Our voyeuristic society, the inability of so many to be faithful, all of it.

    I’m a sports hater, too.


  5. goodfountain says:

    Amen to that columnist. I tweeted and wrote on Facebook that I was disappointed in Tiger for caving to the media pressure and writing a “confession” on his blog. I was so hoping he would maintain his privacy stance.

    I love this columnist’s POV on here. Thanks for linking to this, Michelle!

  6. Jess Wilson says:

    The part that’s driving me the most crazy about this is the constant refrain that ‘tiger set himself up as the paragon of virtue’. When? How? Just by, as the columnist asks, keeping his mouth shut with the press??


    I hope that Tiger and Elin can work things out. For themselves and their two beautiful children. And whether or not they can, or how they choose to go about are none of our damned business just because he can hot a little white ball into a hole.

  7. Jess Wilson says:

    About ‘it’ and hit not hot. Oy

  8. Wanda says:

    Agreed. I wish them all the privacy they want and need.

    I saw that show of Mike Douglas with Tiger Woods when it ran.

  9. Stagmom says:

    Agreed. Men with money and fame can have all the women they want. Always could. This is nothing new. We just have the technology to exploit it and willing media. I do wonder about his wife. She is young and pretty – does she stay or leave? I hope she leaves. She deserves better than a lifetime of worrying where her husband is. How many times was Christie Brinkley divorced? Pamela Anderson? Angelina Jolie? Beauty doesn’t keep a man at him. His own morals do. My $.03. And I love my honorable husband more every day – he’s had plenty of opportunities I’m sure – Me? Not many! LOL!

  10. amber says:

    Oh good lord, I agree with every point.

    Mostly, I agree withat the media is a sad, sad hot mess. And I feel sad that horrible things are going on in this world, that neeeeeeed attention– but people talk in a News Voice, with a serious face– about this.



  11. Great video! I do think he’s a scumbag for doing what he did, but I also think the ladies who feel a need to tell the media everything are scumbags.

  12. I couldn’t agree more . . .

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