Since this trip is all about Riley and Jingle, Todd wanted to do something special for Seth. He found a Lego store near Columbus and we surprised him on the way to 4 Paws. He was thrilled! He picked out a huge Lego Space Police ensemble. In the evenings when we get back from training, he stands happily at the desk Lego table and works on it.

He’s really talented at putting complex Legos together. Methodically, step by step, he follows the directions.

He’s such a good boy. Yesterday at training a bigger boy with autism pinched him on the back, hard. He came over from the play area and sat with me a while, told me what happened.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you Seth. He’s having a really hard time.”  Day 1 was very overstimulating

“Just give him lots of space, okay?” I added.  

“Okay,” he said, sweetly.

Sibs are the unsung heros of the autism explosion. No question about it.

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7 Responses to Seth

  1. Wanda says:

    Oh, Michelle…

    I love your whole family~!

  2. Yes. The autism sibs definitely deserve medals.

  3. drama mama says:

    It’s so true.

    It’s an unexpected gift, this sort of “training” they get…they are all such patient and empathetic kids.

    Hard sometimes. Definitely hard.
    Deserving of Legos, most definitely.

  4. amber says:

    No question at all. What a sweetheart he is.


  5. Amanda says:

    Seth’s a star!

    btw, the whole sibling thing goes out the window when they’re both on the spectrum! LOl!!

  6. Alicia D says:

    yes, i agree. siblings ARE a very special group of kids who can be often overlooked. my 5 yr old daughter is so sweet with her older sister…

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