Service Dogs Have Unlimited Supplies of Love

Written by Michelle O'Neil on May 13th, 2010


I got very sick with a flu bug on Monday. It was my Mother’s Day gift from HT. He’d gotten sick the day before and decided to share. On Tuesday Jingle stayed by my side, power napping as I laid in bed.

It was cozy.

It was nice of Riley to share her dog with her mom.

After all, sometimes moms need help too. 

Luckily, Jingle has more than enough love to go around.


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  1. Jenny R says:

    I hope you are all feeling better.

  2. Carrie Link says:

    The other day I felt crummy and went to take a nap. Flika hugged me through the whole nap, cradled me, really. Felt way better when I woke up. Miracle dogs.

  3. Carrie Link says:

    Um. Spelled my own dog’s name wrong.