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Meditation Before Glee

Busy day, and now in the first lull, the the kids want to watch Glee, which means I have to sit there with them because there are parts I must forward through. Not really into it but it means the … Continue reading

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Glee – You’re on Notice

Shuffling out of my bedroom still half asleep, I’m greeted by my bright-eyed tween with her usual morning after questions. “Did you watch Glee?” It’s our Tuesday night assignment. She can’t watch Glee ’til we’ve watched Glee and screened it. … Continue reading

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Glee’s Depiction of “Asperger’s” DISGUSTING

“I have self-diagnosed Asperger’s so I can pretty much say whatever I want…I’m pretty much like a diplomat’s daughter.” Then the character proceeds to be an obnoxious no talent brat. Yo Glee. WTF? My kid’s not going to understand this. … Continue reading

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Gleeked Out

Rather than have a birthday party this year, Riley chose to see Glee Live. She loved it so much. She was right in there, screaming along with the crowd. She was dancing. It was the kind of loud which makes … Continue reading

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There is a sweetness in the air today. Seth got up early and hung out with HT while he got ready for work. They had breakfast, while Riley and I slept. I came downstairs to a fed, happy boy. HT … Continue reading

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Non-violence as a response to political hate on Facebook

Last year. She knelt before me, placing her hands on my feet. She was giving me Reiki, a free service offered to anyone who decides to plunk down in a chair in the back of the church service and receive … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

Riley went to school today. She started 7th grade at a small private school designed for kids with high functioning autism. She has a dream of going to high school (she thinks it will be like Glee), and in order … Continue reading

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Ringing in 43

Tucking her in the night before my birthday, she could barely contain her excitement. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and was as happy for me as she would be if it were her own birthday eve. I have a … Continue reading

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Seth’s Significant Other

While Riley was with her tutor, Seth and I had a chance to talk. “So….you dating anyone?” I asked. He chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Anyone you’re interested in?” He nodded. “Still got that thing for Quinn on Glee? He … Continue reading

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The day Mommy went for a ride…

So yesterday…I was on the treadmill, mindin’ my own business. Listening to Mozart, not a usual pick for me but there it was, so I put the CD in my “Walkman” (yes Walkman…Riley is the only one in this house … Continue reading

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She Has Buckets of Empathy

Today was the first day of this season’s Girls on the Run. I had the lesson prepared, my flashcards at the ready and was enjoying leading the new group. Seth usually hangs out in the gym while we meet. Smack … Continue reading

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Mrs. W.

Mrs. W. was the lunch lady at my elementary school. She was mean and everyone hated her. She was obese, with a softball sized goiter and a severe hunchback. Her eyes bugged out in that unattended thyroid kind of way. … Continue reading

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Standing in Another Hollywood-istic Place

Just over two hours ago I woke my husband from a sound sleep and told him I couldn’t take it anymore. Riley had been sick all night, (tummy trouble associated with autism)and though he took the first shift, and was … Continue reading

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Inspiration is Everywhere

This is my sister Kelli. Nine years ago she had a very serious form of breast cancer. She was reeling, scared she might not see her children grow up. They were ten and five. Today she is thriving. Look at … Continue reading

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We Want the Funk

Riley got two different Glee CD’s for her birthday. We were in the car a lot today and it was the first time I’d listened to them. Some of the lyrics are a bit “mature” for my sweet little petunia, and … Continue reading

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The Thrill of the Ride

  Yesterday, I took my son to the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark.     He had so much fun, riding the waves on an inner tube in the wave pool.  He hasn’t been swimming for very long, and doesn’t like water hitting him in … Continue reading

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