Note to Self

If the dog goes to the door, and you get the feeling she has to go potty, but you dismiss the notion, with the thought, “She can’t possibly have to go out, she just went half an hour ago,” you are asking for trouble. 

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7 Responses to Note to Self

  1. drama mama says:

    May I remind everyone that the same holds true for children?


  2. Wanda says:

    Yep. The same holds true for middle aged women, too.

  3. KC says:

    Add to your to do list: “Buy doggie door on way home.” (Item #2: call handyman. he he — sorry HT!)

  4. Amanda says:

    Dogs never lie, especially about the important stuff!

  5. GoMama says:

    Good thing you’re in a hotel.

  6. I surmise you will have a lot more notes like this! xoxo

  7. Alicia D says:

    ive made that same note to self… but w/ my kids and THEIR pee 🙂

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